Fostering Ontopsychological Interdisciplinary Leadership


Sogno e Razionalità Ontologica - 2 modulo

  Sogno e Razionalità Ontologica
Lizori, Campello sul Clitunno (PG)
10 - 11 Febbraio 2018

Corso di Comunicazione non Verbale

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FOIL’s training approach stands out, as it is based on a unique methodology that focuses on the interaction between the inner world and the company. The structure of the programs meets the lifelong learning requirements of businesses, providing them substantial benefits as enhanced skills and capabilities add value to their human capital. Meanwhile, the resulting improvement of a company’s intuition abilities and operational efficiency shapes its culture, enabling it to deal confidently with challenges and opportunities.

FOIL offers several courses, as listed in its catalog. Courses are held at FOIL’s offices or on the client’s premises.


Scheduled courses:



  International short movie competition
  "Cinema and Unconscious" 2017 ed.



by June 2012

The Business Intuition of Made in Italy


Is a "Made in Italy" school possible? 
"Made in Italy" is a trademark that reflects a history of centuries of highly skilled work. Can we recover the historical consciousness and the technical aptitude of this native genius?


4 - 6 August 2012

Summer 2012: Preparatory course

During these preparatory courses students will learn how Ontopsychological principles are applied in different fields such as in enterprise business, professional situations, art and culture, medicine and others scientific disciplines.