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The Cortegrande Farmhouse in Marudo

The Lodi countryside, near the Pavia area, few minutes south of Milan; Italy’s door to Europe. The architectural structure that characterizes this countryside is the farmhouse, the place around which everything rotates and where work in the field and cattle-breeding activities are organized, creating numberless social ties.

In Marudo, which means "mature”, there is one of the most beautiful farmhouses of the Lodi countryside: the Cortegrande Farmhouse.
It was built in 1901 by landowner Luigi Trovati. A gentleman with an exuberant personality, he decorated the manor-house elegantly, with liberty stylistic features. Now the place is protected by the General Directorate for the Cultural Heritage and Landscape of Lombardy. In 1905 Trovati devoted a building in the farmhouse for use as a kindergarten: ground floor for the boys and upper floor for the girls.

Subsequently, the farmhouse was bought by Mangiagalli who loved to open his farmhouse and welcome his fellow villagers for traditional feasts. This tradition was eventually abandoned by the subsequent generations.

In 2001, exactly one hundred years after it had been built,  Meneghetti, who had been looking for a typical Lombard farmhouse for some time now – as the centre of old-fashion values – saw this farmhouse and decided to purchase it to establish a higher learning centre with a European scope.