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The reconstruction

Given the state of dilapidation of the farmhouse in 2001, there were two alternatives: raze the place and erect a new building or try to refurbish it.
In this case there was no doubt: it was refurbished, trying not to touch whatever could be left intact.

The farmhouse exudes a marked sensitivity for the original architecture and the exquisite craftsmanship that was applied to restructure it. The walls were preserved with an accurate selection of material and the application of crushed stone, to allow the new spaces to be distributed while maintaining the bearing support of the building, in keeping with the current safety standards.

There is no doubt that what is really amazing is the reorganization of the space that housed the stables. The very columns that supported to roof of the place devoted to the animals are now supporting Russian pinewood beams, the main structure of the pitch covering the former barn. Currently this space houses a marvellous conference room, which can accommodate up to two hundred people, and a classroom where seminars can be held for up to 50 people.

The Cortegrande Farmhouse is a special example of how these typical establishments are versatile and how they can be adapted for collective use, showing that there is the possibility to revitalize man-made products, implementing those universal values which men tend to erase by demolishing buildings.