Fostering Ontopsychological Interdisciplinary Leadership


The Business Intuition of Made in Italy

"Both the English and we French came after the Italians who have been our instructors in all the arts.”                                        


The Made in Italy is a trademark that reflects a history of centuries of highly skilled work.  Can we recover the historical consciousness and the technical aptitude of this native genius? 

It is possible but not by just tracing back a product to its origin (from the design phase to the production of the good), as the principle is lost. 

A programme structured in six full-immersion modules (from June 2012 until second half 2013) divided in four theme areas: 

- the transecular culture of mother Italy
- intuition and lifestyle 
- the roots of the "Made in” style 
- testimonies of  "Made in Italy" (fashion, yacht building, footwear, jewellery, cuisine and food and wine, interior design, crystals, ceramics, music instruments, Italian taste…: key players speak, with guided tours in companies engaged in sectors where excellence rules). 

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