Fostering Ontopsychological Interdisciplinary Leadership


Summer 2012: Preparatory Course

Summer University of Ontopsychology is a summer event in its 25th year. This summer the event takes place in Spoleto Valley (Umbria, Italy). 

This course is attended by 400 students all over the world, especially from Russia and Brazil, where you can learn Ontopsychology at Saint Petersburg State University in one of the departments at the faculty of Psychology, and Faculdade Antonio Meneghetti, a private university recognized by the Brazilian academic system.In occasion of its 25th anniversary, for the first time the Summer University has organized preparatory courses, from the 4th to the 6th of august, dedicated to people who have never studied Ontopsychology but would like to learn its fundamentals.

During these preparatory courses students will learn how Ontopsychological principles are applied in different fields such as in enterprise business, professional situations, art and culture, medicine and others scientific disciplines.

If you would like to request more info about attending these preparatory days, you can send an e-mail to